Power of the season

markThree years ago my SIL gave me a perfume that I had never smelled before. mark. Jewel. I instantly fell in love with it! Yes, I think it’s a pretty little perfume bottle and yes, may look “young” but this is the best Fall/Winter scent I have ever found. Not just that but the Aviation Sheriff Department that I used to work next door to, the guys there made sure to walk by and mention how yummy I smelled. Oh, memories…. Jewel does seem a little heavy at first but softens up to a very delicious, warm, spicy, flirty scent. I could just go on and on about it.

Now the price is perfect because I can buy one bottle and have it last just through the two seasons I need it to last and wont have to buy another one until the following year. Perfect! (a perfume can’t “turn” if it’s used and gone!)

I have never tried the powder but i have tried the lotion and it too, is to die for! Definitely worth trying out for your self!

Ref site: http://www.youravon.com/shawnadunn