Another Awkward Week

Sunday funny…

One Awkward Year

And just like that, another week comes to a close. “Like sand through an hour glass, so are the Days of our Lives.”

Here’s what was keeping it awkward this week:

These Socks.

We’re having a bit of an Indian Summer here in NYC, a vaguely (extremely) racist term which always makes me think of Little House on the Prairie (remember The Long Winter, you guys?!) and I decided this warm day was the perfect excuse to try out the booties & bare legs trend I’ve been seeing around. It’s not going great. Whenever I wear like “an outfit” I always end up feeling super self conscious and wishing I’d stuck to jeggings. Today I didn’t want barefeet in my boots (stanky!) so I’m wearing a really scrunched down pair of nude knee-high stockings which keep unscrunching themselves and riding up my legs & outta my boots. It’s not a…

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