2012 recap

I’m still here people! I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Well actually I have. But apparently I somehow created another URL and they posted under that. Now lost in cyber space… Smh.

Smh, I just learned what those three letters meant last week thanks to my twitter friends! Thanks y’all! So when you see me over using these fun little letters, just send it back to me. It’s all good!

How is everyone’s new year starting out? So far so good here. Can’t complain. Well I could but that is what twitter is for. 2012 was actually a fan-fucking-tastic year for us. We bought our forever home. 2 new vehicles… Because everyone dreams of having two car payments at once right? Living in debt – the american dream! Hubby got me my Tobias puppy. Hubby has worked his magic with his gift of gab and has done so much to help his company take off and relocate to one of the busiest airports, PDK. So proud. I didn’t and haven’t sold my kids and they have not put me in an institution. So that’s a win win, right?

Happy new year!