Stop! It’s American Idol time.

It’s back. The show I used to love, <a href=” “>American Idol but we won’t be watching this year. And this is why…

We won’t be watching American Idol this year, at least not with our kids, because of the judges. It’s hard enough to teach my 7yo daughter that drama isn’t cool so why would I let her watch a show that thrives off of it for ratings? My 4yo son picks up on everything now and doesn’t need to learn how to have more attitude. Neither of my kids do. Yes, it’s funny. And we all laugh at those that are on to audition for their 5 minutes of fame, with a voice or not. We adults, most adults, some adults? Know why we are laughing but the kids don’t. To them we are just laughing at someone because they are different. They sound funny. Yes it’s somewhat reality and we don’t keep our kids in a bubble or sugarcoat life. But I can try and teach what respect is. What it means to be a bystander. And what it feels like to take action.


3 thoughts on “Stop! It’s American Idol time.

  1. No drama…so I assume you won’t be tuning into the new Kardashians? Hahaha. I agree with you on all of this. I used to enjoy it, but as I’m getting older I find some of the shows to just be uncomfortable now.

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